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Brian Paumier: Act of Faith Opening

Come join us on Thursday, February 20th from 6-9pm for the opening and book launch of Brian Paumier’s series, Act of Faith at the Christopher Henry Gallery in New York City.

“Act of Faith is a body of work that includes still photos, video, and mixed media installation, often repeating the same images in different forms. Paumier, who spent eight years in the military, two of them fighting in Iraq, found inspiration for his show from two stickers. One was of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the other of the combat infantry badge he received for six months of service in a war zone. When combined they came to represent Paumier’s experience in Iraq. Paumier lived with many of the men he portrays in his work for years at a time and took note of their ritual of thanking a supreme being for a great year. “I decided to use the 200-year-old tradition called Morisma as an offering to the Guadalupe for her help in Iraq,” said Paumier.”

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The making of Act of Faith: