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Mogollon: The Hollywood Reporter

Mogollon just completed this cover for the Oscars edition of The Hollywood Reporter. We took the opportunity to interview Monica and Francisco about their work, inspiration, and undying love for gold.


Can you tell us about the assignment from concept to finish and walk us through your process ?

The initial concept was to create four different covers using retro images of Hollywood actors and directors. THR wanted us to create collage artwork with the use of gold and some graphic elements that could be associated with the Oscars. We all quickly realized that the retro images were not working since they were diluting the main subject of the concept,which was the Oscars, so we were asked to design a single cover without a photo. The first thing we did was to study the anatomy of the statue and to simplify the shape to it’s minimum but still keep it recognizable. When we started working without the photos the composition started to feel more powerful and organic. We could play around more freely with the statue motif and other alluding elements like the red carpet, the spot lights, the envelope, etc. Through the entire process, we also always kept Art Deco references very present and tried to maintain the artwork within that spirit, even if in a subtle way.

5 words that inspired you to create this piece.

Deco, Gold, Lights, Showbiz, Glamour

When did your love for gold begin? How has it evolved since?

The love started when we discovered gold leaf and also by studying the work of artists who used it, like Klimt. We then discovered how to recreate the use of gold leaf in our work and thought that it looked great with our shapes. The technique has infinite potential, we keep discovering new ways of applying it throughout every project.

If you won an Oscar, where in your apartment would you put it?

Right next to our movie collection!