• Alex Trochut: Aster

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Alex Trochut: Aster

Alex Trochut, Design, Illustration, Illustrators/Designers, Logo, Music, Packaging

Hivern Discs have released the first installment in their trilogy of releases from Aster, with the lovely speckled artwork created by artist Alex Trochut.  A few words about the project from Alex:

“Aster is a catalan electronic music duo formed by Pedro Rufi and JMII.  Their name comes from an old astranomy observatory by one of their grandfathers , this small science lab was located in a penthose in Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona, and it was called Aster. Their symbol is based in 2 pieces than together become an “A” monogram that at the same time is the shape of a star.  The EP design is mainly based on a marbled paper done by Montserrat Buixò, hidden gem that has been working for more than 30 years in this technique. This paper is an unique piece that will articulate a trilogy of Vynil sleeves for Asters first 3 EPs with Hivern Discs.”
The album has been selected by  Juno as one of the best covers of the month: http://www.junodownload.com/plus/2012/08/02/best-record-sleeves-july/
Danza EP for Aster
Label: Hivern Discs
Art Direction and Logotype: Alex Trochut
Marbled Paper by: Monsterrat Buixò