• Alex Trochut: Fine Line

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Alex Trochut: Fine Line

Alex Trochut, Design, Fine Art, Illustration, Illustrators/Designers, Personal Work, Typography

For Art Basel 2014, which kicked off this week in Miami Beach, Alex Trochut debuted a unique new typographic series entitled “Fine Line” at the Spectrum Art Fair. Alex found himself inspired by the multitude of paradoxes and oxymorons experienced day-to-day, as well as the subtleties of language, and as a result concocted the interactive type pieces below. He employed techniques that allowed him to display two images at once, such as lenticular printing, taking cues from masters of classic optical and kinetic art solutions, like Cruz Diez and Vasarely. In order to create an image that would cover the surface properly, Alex used heavy lettering not unlike the kind found on tombstones or engravings.

“Fine Line is a whole new series created with a kinetic art technique. The appearance of these pieces change in relation with the observer’s point of view and perspective towards the subject, creating a new perception based on the angle the subject is viewed. Fine Line uses the language and lettering as the medium to focus on the paradoxes and contradictions of human existence.”

-Alex Trochut

The pieces are located at 3011 North East 1st Avenue at 30th Street in Miami, FL. Fine Line is up from December 6th to January 31st. Art Basel takes place from December 4th-December 7th, 2014.