• Alex Trochut: Katy Perry

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Alex Trochut: Katy Perry

Alex Trochut, Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Illustrators/Designers, Music, Packaging, Typography

Capitol Records hired Alex Trochut to create the typography and layout design for Katy Perry‘s new single, Roar. A stylistic revamp for Katy, we asked Alex about his experience working with her through the transformation:

What was your creative process during this project from start to finish?

The brief from Capitol Records was quite open, so what followed were a few different sketches and little by little we narrowed the path until we had the right balance between urban and pop; embracing the colorful past of Katy Perry and evolving it into a more edgy look and feel. After finding the right the structure, color was added, looking for a mix of rainbow minerals and golden metals, treating each individual letter as if it were a piece of jewelry.

Tell us about Katy Perry’s new style and how you were able to accomplish her updated look in your final artwork.

Katy is definitely going for a big change with her image in the upcoming Prism album. The goal for the Roar single was to create a sophisticated and hard look with the lettering, so to bring more impact to it we focused on the four letters, exploring a route that felt natural and geometric and pulling reference from the past in terms of color but adding much more urban attitude.