• Alex Trochut : LCD Soundsystem

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Alex Trochut : LCD Soundsystem

Alex Trochut, Illustration, Illustrators/Designers, Music, Poster, Typography

This LCD Soundsystem poster, designed by Alex Trochut, was commissioned by Another Planet Entertainment as a gift to the band.  Screen printed on holographic paper, the design is inspired by the band’s current release and tour.  A few words about the inspiration from Alex:

“The last album, American Dream, is an album that looks back at a youth that is far gone, nostalgic and hard as a Monday morning on the 5th of July. As the ultimate music-librarian, James Murphy digs and absorbs from so many references in this album – suicide, David Bowie, John Lennon, etc.  Coming from there the design wants to grab that faded idea of a memory eroded by time.  There is also an abstraction of the American flag as a collage of patterns, some referencing some synth vibes and others more punk rock-ish.”
Keep an eye on Alex’s Instagram account, @trochut,  he’ll be giving away just 10 of these spectacular posters this week!