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Alex Trochut, Sean Freeman, La Boca: 2016 Communication Arts Typography Award Winners

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Congratulations to artists Alex Trochut, Sean Freeman, and La Boca for being named winners of the 2016 Communication Arts Typography Competition.  We are very proud to share the winning pieces below:

Alex Trochut, Packaging category.

This album cover was designed for the Brooklyn based indie band Alagoas. The cover has three abstract patterns that are representative of each band member, printed onto transparent acetates in cyan, magenta, and yellow.  When the acetates are layered over one another, the patterns reveal the name of the band in a custom black typeface.




Alex Trochut, Unpublished category.

This custom lettering design was inspired by the international Grand Prix motor race.


Sean Freeman, Advertising category.

Kinetic powder photography treatment with the footwear flying past, making the bright lettering break, shatter and explode in its wake through its tremendous speed. Based on Futura Extra Bold Condensed Oblique, the lettering was opened to follow the lines of the shoe, and a selection of dynamic powder shots were put together into the composition, featuring swirls, dust and particles kicking up behind and in front of the shoe with depth and natural movement, becoming part of an integrated visual with a very strong realistic quality.

104-1-RGB 104-2-RGB

Sean Freeman, Digital category.

Photographic headline relating to velocity, with the idea of showing the speed of ZOOM products. Futura Extra Bold Condensed Oblique was used for Z & M, and the O’s were treated free hand. On an asphalt background, the white parts of the lettering were created with shots of street signage paint to get the most authentic details, while the loops were written in burnt rubber left by what looks like the shoe doing a tire burnout trail, created physically to feature the sole pattern and the most realistic movement – enveloped in smoke to visually maximize the dynamic feel of the scene.


La Boca, Poster category.

Movie poster for ‘Rocky’.