• Alex Trochut’s Neo Deco on Stylist Magazine

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Alex Trochut’s Neo Deco on Stylist Magazine

Alex Trochut, Editorial, Illustrators/Designers, Typography

Coinciding with London fashion week, Stylist magazine launched its annual fashion issue with three striking split-run covers – all featuring Alex Trochut’s Neo Deco font.

In an interview with Computer Arts Magazine, art editor Clare Ferguson answers a few questions about the font choices for this special issue.

Computer Arts: Why did you choose Neo Deco as the main headline font for the fashion issue?
Clare Ferguson: We wanted a guest font that reinforced the tone of the issue and worked with the pictures. We needed something that felt different and contemporary but with a strong presence. We wanted to keep it fun and I like the detail in the font as that is something that is key in the design of Stylist.
CA: What do you think this particular font choice adds to the overall look and feel of the issue?
CF: I think it adds an extra element of detail and strength which works well with the images on the cover and the shoots inside. It makes the issue feel cool and exciting, it commands attention and made the issue feel really special and stand out.
CA: Working on a high circulation weekly mag, how much freedom do you have when it comes to choosing guest fonts?
CF: At Stylist we have as much freedom as we like as long as the font fits in with the design and concept of what we are trying to achieve. We are always trying to push the design parameters of what we have done before, while still keeping the overall look and feel within the stylist brand.
You can see more work by Alex Trochut on the Levine/Leavitt site.