• ADC Creativity 101 Poster

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ADC Creativity 101 Poster

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Illustrator Armando Veve was commissioned by The Art Director’s Club to create a poster for this year’s ADC Annual Awards, celebrating 101 years of excellence in design and craft. This iconic design and advertising awards show honors the best creative talent and groundbreaking work across many different creative disciplines, from graphic design to illustration, from publishing to packaging, from advertising to photography and all points in between.

For his poster, Armando illustrated what he goes through when creating a new artwork:

Whether I am illustrating the fantastical or scientific, I am in the business of crafting illusions. What happens behind the curtain?
For this drawing, I imagined my creative process in four distinct acts:
Act I: Consumption
Act II: Regurgitation
Act III: Doubt and Destruction
and Act IV: Regeneration.