• Armando Veve: Truly Mango Lemonade

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Armando Veve: Truly Mango Lemonade

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Illustrator Armando Veve was commissioned to create a limited edition print, package design, and motion piece for Truly’s Mango Lemon flavor. The brand’s initiative aimed at creating an unboxing experience for their hard seltzer, whilst showcasing some flavor-inspired artwork.


Armando’s first piece, called Mango Lemonade Fantasy, promotes their new Mango Lemonade flavor. He set the image in a magical underwater bubbly world where deep sea aliens traverse the space between 2 walls of a fluorescent coral reef crawling with biodiversity. Transparent membranes reveal intricate kinetic machinery of watch gears made of lemon slices and glowing nuclei with mango pits.

The artwork is featured on a limited edition box, poster, and t-shirt, and it is currently on view in NYC’s Time Square. Shoutout to animator Jurriaan Hos.

Parrot Dream, Armando’s second illustration for Truly, can also be found at local Truly distributors.