• Armando Veve : Windfall Cider

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Armando Veve : Windfall Cider

Armando Veve, Illustration, Illustrators/Designers, Packaging


This beautiful illustration was created by artist Armando Veve for Windfall Cider.  We asked Armando to tell us a bit about the project:

AV: “I was commissioned by Vancouver-based creative agency 123w.ca to illustrate packaging for a start-up premium cider company called Windfall. They asked me to imagine the surreal world of Windfall centered around an apple tree that produces luck and good fortune to all aspects of the land. I weaved images from my own imagination, inspired by a list of possible objects and situations provided by 123w.ca, as well nods to personal stories told by Windfall’s cofounders such as getting married on the Skytrain in Vancouver. The image was drawn in graphite on paper.”

A few detail shots:

To give a bit more insight into Armando’s process, here is an early sketch that shares the first phases of the artwork.