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Nick Meek


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Nick Meek

Photography, Motion

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Nick’s work touches on everyones ability to sense and feel atmosphere. Whether it’s a galloping horse in the desert, some kids crossing the street, discarded shoes on a carpet or a majestic landscape, his pictures capture not only a sense of the moment but also the feeling.

Nick has shot many campaigns and stories, including Absolut Vodka, AmEx, American Airlines, Arena Homme Plus Magazine, BBC, BMW, Commonwealth Games, COI, CNN, D&AD, Eurostar, Ericsson, The Guardian, IBM, Intersection Magazine, Mitsubishi, Landrover, Lloyds/TSB, Nicorette, Orangina, Peugeot, Philip Morris, Playstation, Renault, Southern Comfort, Sun Newspapers, The Samaritans, Starbucks, The Times, VW, Vauxhall, Wallpaper Magazine, Weetabix. Over the past 10 years Nick has won many prestigious awards including D&AD, AOP, Clios and more.

Nick Meek splits his time between London, England and Chamonix, France.