• Brosmind: Beefsteak Veggies

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Brosmind: Beefsteak Veggies

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Let’s face it. Vegetables haven’t always received the credit for which they so staunchly deserve. For many years they suffered under the guise that the only way to consume them was raw, or worse, boiled and steamed. Bland, pale, slimy, and forgotten they sat, pushed to the edge of the plate or fed to the dog under the table. It was the worst of times, and it was the worst of times. Until Chef Jose Andres stepped in with a dream, an oven, and a smattering of hearty grains, garnishes, and sauces. His genius came together with Barcelona-based illustrators Brosmind to give birth to Beefsteak Veggies in Washington D.C. More than just a place to get quick meal, Beefsteak acts as the best PR firm a lowly broccoli floret could ever hope to have. It reinvents veggies as the enticing nutritional bombs they have always had the potential to be. Brosmind, who are known for their personification of often the tiniest details, took on the task of creating a vegetable army worthy of the Beefsteak name. Their characters are punky, charming, and downright hunky. And with Jose Andres at the kitchen’s helm, they appear to be as delicious as they are adorable.