• Brosmind design cushions for Woouf

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Brosmind design cushions for Woouf

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After seeing the Brosmind RV at an opening, the creative team at Woouf (the quirky, cool cushion maker based out of Barcelona) turned to Juan and Alejandro Mingarro to create a new series of cushions – The Brosmind City.

“We like buildings, their shapes.” said Alejandro, “They look simple from the outside but there are many things going on inside and we like the graphics in the wall, the ads, light boxes…etc.   We draw a lot of buildings in all our illustrations, so we finally had the chance to make them real in 3D!”

Cushions available for sale soon on the Woouf site.

You can see more work from Brosmind on the Levine/Leavitt site.