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Brosmind: Kidrobot

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Brosmind designed these fun tee-shirt graphics for Kidrobot‘s artists’ series. In celebration of the apparel release, our friends at Kidrobot took the opportunity to interview Juan and Alejandro about their illustration, inspiration, and vivid imaginations.

Do the characters of your “Whats Inside” project represent you personally? What would we see if we opened you up?
“That’s exactly what’s this project is about. All you can see inside those characters are important things for both of us. We hadn’t enough space with only two characters, so at the end we came up with twenty of them.”

How did this Kidrobot collaboration come to be and why did you do it?
“We were selected next to Alex Trochut and Kronk to design some T-shirts for this year’s Kidrobot Artist Series. From there it developed more…Then when our agent called us saying that it was finalized, we just thought, “WooHooo! We have always collected toys and figures, especially action figures from the 80s and 90s and also the more recent vinyl toys, so of course we were Kidrobot fans.”

What musical acts/artists do you listen to and love? Who would you like to work with, that you haven’t yet?
“We listen to a lot of different music styles and artist… but it would be great to have the chance to work for one of our favorite bands: Eels.”

The greatest art lesson you have ever learned? Disciplinary or otherwise…
“Experience has told us that you need to work hard and constantly. Never sleep, always try to evolve and improve your work.”

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