• Craig & Karl: National Geographic Traveler

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Craig & Karl: National Geographic Traveler

Craig & Karl, Design, Editorial, Illustration, Illustrators/Designers

National Geographic Traveler Magazine is known for their in depth travel coverage, photography and storytelling. For their first ever illustrated cover, Nat Geo Traveler commissioned the pop-art inspired duo, Craig & Karl. We spoke with design director Marianne Seregi about the latest cover and here is what she had to say:

“In the past year, Traveler has gotten a new editor, a new design director and a new director of photography, so our office is like a dam bursting with excitement and ideas for where to take the magazine. With this cover, we wanted to channel that energy.

Craig and Karl were the perfect artists for The Happiness Issue because their work is so vibrant and fun. I could say that I searched high and low for artists for this cover, but that’d be a lie. The truth is, I thought, “Who’s the happiest illustrator you know? Craig & Karl! Boom. Done.”

My favorite thing about the cover is just how iconic and bright it is. From across the room, it leaps off of the newsstand. To put it simply, it’s smart, bold and fun. We’re very happy about it. :)”