• Craig & Karl: Universal Love

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Craig & Karl: Universal Love

Craig & Karl, Illustrators/Designers

Congratulations to Craig & Karl and the team at Y&R on the gold lion win at Cannes for brand activation on the Universal Love project.

They created an album that reimagined classic wedding songs, flipping the pronouns to upend norms and challenge conventional notions of love songs, which have traditionally been written from a heterosexual point of view.  Using musicians to create content, they enlisted contributors who have been at the forefront of cultural revolution, like Bob Dylan. With these iconic artists (Dylan, Kesha, Benjamin Gibbard, St. Vincent, Kele Okereke, and Valerie June), who spanned genres, generations and sexual orientations, they recorded new versions of classic love songs.  The new soundtrack formed the center of a campaign that lived across digital, social and retail to create multiple touch points for people to experience the project and brand.

We’re proud to be involved in such a wonderful cause and proud to have worked with such an inspiring, creative team.  Bravo!