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Danaé Gosset: Hermès

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Director, animator, and illustrator Danaé Gosset was commissioned by Hèrmes to direct their Spring/ Summer 2022 campaign alongside Santiago Carrasquilla. The campaign consists of three imaginative scenes created in Danaé’s hand drawn mixed media style, showcasing signature fashion accessories for the upcoming season.

Made at Art Camp with Pencil
Directed by Santiago Carrasquilla and Danae Gosset
Art Directed by Danae Gosset and Santiago Carrasquilla
3D Lead: Vasco Gross
3D Design and Animation: Vasco Gross, Jean-Baptiste Castel
3D Modeler: David Bonilla
Additional 3D Design and Art Direction: Steven Guas
2D Lead: Aliénor Delaporte
2D Design and Animation: Aliénor Delaporte, Britton, Lea Becquet
Post Production Assistant: Kyle
Music by Timotée Pedron-Desclaux
Executive Producers Jos Diaz Contreras & Santiago Carrasquilla