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Danny Clinch: Advil

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Danny Clinch, Time Inc. Studios, and Advil came together to support and honor everyday heroes for the Relief in Action campaign. Danny had the opportunity to tell the stories of these inspirational individuals through the stills and videos below.

Use #ReliefInAction on Instagram and Twitter to share your own stories of volunteerism.


Inspired by his mother’s fight with skin cancer, Paul Ridley founded Row For Hope to help support cancer research and treatment. But he didn’t stop there; he got in his boat and rowed for 87 days across the Atlantic Ocean. Advil Relief in Action proudly supports volunteers, like Paul, who don’t let pain het in the way of making a difference.

As a childhood member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Victor Cruz learned the importance of following his dreams. Now he teaches the same lessons to the kids in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. Cruz is living proof that if they work hard, they can make it through any obstacle. Advil Relief in Action proudly supports volunteers like Victor who serve as role models for future generations. As a rescue worker, Alison Thompson travels the world providing emotional and physical healing to disaster victims. From Tsunami-devastated Sri Lanka to the Rockaways after Superstorm Sandy, Allison’s been there with her mission of love and healing. Advil Relief in Action proudly supports volunteers like Alison who provide care and compassion to those who have lost everything. Thanks to Team Rubicon, our nation’s veterans have a new mission- to use their skills acquired on the battlefield to take action whenever and wherever natural disaster strikes. From earthquake-shaken Haiti to the eastern seaboard after Superstorm Sandy, the team is there with strength and know-how. Advil Relief in Action proudly supports groups like Team Rubicon who use their expert skills on the front lines of disasters worldwide. After being injured by an IED in the Iraq War, Melissa Stockwell never gave up. Through dedicated training, she beat the odds and represented the USA at the 2008 Paralympic Games. Now she works with Wounded Warrior Project, showing veterans that a disability doesn’t have to hold them back. Advil Relief in Action proudly supports patriotic volunteers like Melissa who help our wounded service members get their lives back.