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Danny Clinch: Bonnaroo

Danny Clinch is no stranger to Bonnaroo. Every year, thousands of people flock to the rolling hills of Tennessee to celebrate all things art, music, and film for a few fleeting days. And every year, Danny Clinch captures the spontaneous moments that take place over the course of the long weekend. Today, as the festival makes its 2014 debut, we’re are showcasing some of our favorite Clinch portraits from the past ten plus years.

“There is always a surprise at Bonnaroo; the superjams, the midnight sets, and the overall great energy. Over the years it’s been really fun to see young bands play an early slot in a tent on a Sunday morning, and a few years later they are playing the main stage (Black Keys, Kings of Leon, My Morning Jacket ), because they’ve earned it.” –Danny Clinch

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