• Danny Clinch: Bruce Springsteen

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Danny Clinch: Bruce Springsteen

Danny Clinch

In celebration of the upcoming 55th Grammy Awards, Danny Clinch was asked to curate a Springsteen gallery commemorating the artists’ long collaborative history together. From Danny’s classic polaroids of Bruce to the energetic performances, you can view the full gallery here: Danny Clinch’s Curated Springsteen Gallery


“I took this outside the studio in 2007 while Bruce was mixing the Magic album. The background is Brendan O’Brien’s Airstream camper.” “Bruce and the Seeger Sessions band had been recording in an old farmhouse in New Jersey. It was a really long gratifying day and he fell back on this chair to soak it all in and I turned and shot a few frames that ended up being a favorite of mine.” “After a casual conversation about classic cars and motorcycles, Bruce and I decided to do a shoot. We each brought our classic cars and met up with a friend that had some bikes. We had a blast, trying ’em all out, playing some music real loud, and finished it with a few Coronas if I remember correctly.” “I shot this photo while I was directing the short film for the Devils & Dust record. Such a memorable day for me. Check out the version of “Matamoros Banks” from this film. It’s breathtaking. The end of it is worth the wait. He gave it beyond 100 percent. I shot it on 16 mm film. “ “Ullevi Stadium this [past] summer in Sweden!”