• Danny Clinch : Alabama Shakes

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Danny Clinch : Alabama Shakes

Danny Clinch, Josh Goleman, Photographers, Photography

One shot, one band, one excellent director, and an incredible cinematographer. The formula for an admirable music video is simple, and with the right minds working together, the outcome is exceptional. For a hit track, the recipe errs more on the complicated side, but Alabama Shakes are a band that have time and again nailed it. Their music video for “Don’t Wanna Fight”, featured on their new album Sound & Color, is no exception. The band grouped with renowned director Danny Clinch and meticulous DP Josh Goleman to execute the music video in the acclaimed Capitol Records studio. Alabama Shakes have rightly earned their place among the stars, and alongside Danny and Josh, accomplished a video magical and pure.

Danny’s background lies in documenting rockstars, and in the past decade his talent has taken him across the span of multiple mediums. Comfortable in film, Danny and Josh pushed the vision of shooting the entire music video in one shot with zero edits. The final cut aligns perfectly with the spirit of the breakout band. It highlights singer Brittany Howard’s powerhouse voice and expression, and captures the essence of a small-town ensemble with larger-than-life presence. Alabama Shakes are on the come-up, and  the video “Don’t Wanna Fight” is solid proof.

Sound & Color is available for purchase on iTunes now.

Danny Clinch: Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight from LEVINE/LEAVITT on Vimeo.