• Danny Clinch: Ryan Adams

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Danny Clinch: Ryan Adams

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Photographer Danny Clinch and prolific singer-songwriter Ryan Adams have a few things in common: they both thrive on keeping busy and love pushing their craft as far as it will go. Following his Pax Am 7-inch series and last year’s self-titled EP, Ryan Adams presents his Live At Carnegie Hall deluxe set, recorded over a two-day period at the legendary hall and featuring intimate black & white photographs by Danny. The set contains a six-LP 180-gram vinyl set, along with Ryan Adams: Ten Songs from Live at Carnegie Hall. If you’re one to judge an album by its cover, you might say this is the best one yet, but the proof in this incredible set is truly in the packaging.

Ryan Adams: Live at Carnegie Hall will be available beginning April 21st.

For more information, visit the official Ryan Adams website.