• Danny Clinch : Shinola Statue Of Liberty

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Danny Clinch : Shinola Statue Of Liberty

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In honor of Independence Day, Shinola released a new film in support of its Great Americans Series collection, a timepiece honoring the Statue of Liberty.  The film is directed and photographed by Danny Clinch and celebrates some of our newest citizens.  See the full film and more of these amazing people at Shinola.com/Liberty  Shoutout to the amazing, talented people at Preacher for making us a part of this incredible, emotional project.  Also to Dir. of Photography Josh Goleman, Producer Lindha Narvaez at Milk’t, and Producer Rachel Kichler at Preacher, all of whom brought this campaign to life.

“They arrived from different countries and with varying backgrounds, but on June 15th they stood together as Americans. Shinola welcomed more than 100 new citizens following their naturalization ceremony at the Moynihan U.S. Courthouse in New York City. We wanted to show our support, inspired by the latest release in our Great Americans Series celebrating the Statue of Liberty. This thoughtfully crafted timepiece collection pays homage to a monument that – for more than 100 years – has reminded us what America stands for. See more of the story at http://shinola.com/Liberty