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Danny Clinch: Tidal

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People are talking about Tidal, or #TIDALforALL as it’s known in the social-sphere, the newest music-streaming service that promises to put the controls back into the hands of the artists themselves. Owned by a collective of well-known and respected musicians, including Jay-Z, Madonna, and Daft Punk, news of the super-conglomerate has certainly made waves in a world where music can be streamed instantly from almost anywhere online.

Photographer and filmmaker¬†Danny Clinch directed the surreal promotional video for its debut, with Josh Goleman as the director of photography at his side. Almost like the trailer for a superhero movie, it features a stellar cast of the universe’s favorite musicians. And with that, we wait for Tidal to re-write the rules of music streaming.

For more information on Tidal, visit their website here.