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Danny Clinch’s Discovery Inn

Danny Clinch, Music, Photographers, Photography, Worldwide

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Danny Clinch’s first published book Discovery Inn is now available for purchase as an ipad app. Reviewed on topappreviews101:

In Discovery Inn, acclaimed photographer Danny Clinch narrates a photographic journey through music history. The app features iconic photos of some of the most renowned artists of all time, including Radiohead, Green Day, Tupac Shakur, Phish, Johnny Cash and many others. In the app, you will find:

-93 photos of some of the most famous artists of music history
-Audio commentary from photographer Danny Clinch
-2 unreleased tracks by Blind Melon
-3 unreleased tracks by Brad Smith / Abandon Jalopy
-Artist profiles and recommended songs
-26 Polaroids from Danny Clinch’s personal photo collection
-Contact sheets from many of the Discovery Inn shoots
-A virtual tour of Danny Clinch’s camera collection

“The ten years covered in this collection, from 1988 to 1998, witnessed two genuine musical revolutions. Hip-hop rose up from the streets to take over pop music, and the movement that came to be known as ‘alternative rock’ seized control of the guitar-based universe. And Danny Clinch was dead center for both of these uprisings, documenting them for eternity.”

-Alan Light, music critic, former editor-in-chief of Spin and co-founder of Vibe

You can see more work by Danny Clinch on the Levine/Leavitt site.