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Gemma O’Brien : Make It

Film, Gemma O'Brien, Illustrators/Designers

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It’s never easy to chart your own creative path, but in today’s fast-changing landscape, it’s more possible than ever before. What does it mean to live the creative life?

Step into the world of Australian lettering artist Gemma O’Brien. She always loved art, but never thought an artistic career was possible. She worked at a flower market and enrolled in law school, but still knew something was missing.  When she risked it all to pursue her artistic dreams, she still struggled to know that her choices were real, authentic, and hers. This is the creative life — real, honest, unsure, rewarding.  Years later, Gemma has found her own voice in the ever-growing lettering community, has garnered awards from top illustration agencies, and has been commissioned to paint murals around the globe. And yet: The work always comes first. She’s out to pursue her dreams — and remind us that we can, too.

“Make It” is a short documentary created by Skillshare, an online learning community with thousands of classes in design, business, and more. Gemma O’Brien is a featured teacher in illustration and lettering; her class is available with Skillshare Premium Membership.

The film was produced, directed, and edited by Bill Antonucci, with additional production support by Becca Cloyd, Daniel Fakharzadeh, Jimmy Chorng, and Alyssa Demirjian.

From Skillshare Vimeo