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Gemma O’Brien: Seasons Exhibition

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Designer, typographer, and international muralist Gemma O’Brien has a new show titled Seasons. The solo exhibition showcases a collection of works that explore the world through sensation. In her artist statement Gemma explains:

“Seasons is a series of paintings and drawings created over the last twelve months in my studio in Sydney. With more time at home due to cancelled international projects and travel, I welcomed the chance to take in my immediate surroundings… Unlike my previous work, I became less interested in illustrating specific elements from nature and more drawn towards representing sensations of shifting light, motion and atmosphere through bright colours, repeating lines and unadorned typography. I wanted this body of work to describe a time that was defined by brilliant peaks and dark spirals but with a consistent undercurrent of optimism. I am beginning to welcome a new experience of the world through sensation, not merely language, and Seasons is a record of this time.

Seasons is Gemma’s fourth solo show at China Heights Gallery in Sydney and will be on view until March 6.

Gemma O’Brien Artist Talk on ‘Seasons’