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Josh Goleman, Photographers, Photography

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Gerber has teamed up with family farms to get fresh organic ingredients for their baby food. Photographer Josh Goleman went to some of those family farms to document their practices and what makes their food so good for babies.
Brothers Kent and Tom Karnemaat, and their children, are as rooted in the sandy tracts of dirt, as the carrots, squash and peas they grow there. Tracing back to their great great grandfather, Albert, who planted this farming family tree in the 1800s, the Karnemaats who now work the land, have leaned on and learned from past generations.
Kent Karnemaat, a fourth-generation Gerber grower, says that what makes great soil is good decisions. That comes with lessons learned through generations, an openness to developing creative solutions — often with the help of Gerber’s Agriculture Team — and a willingness to put soil health over profit.

A farmer’s relationship with his soil is that of a trusted business partner. Each side relies on the other for its well being and, when treated properly, both are rewarded. Growing produce for baby food in soil that is rigorously tested is a cornerstone of the relationship between Gerber and the Karnemaats.

Stephanie Kipp looks after 1,500 acres on her family’s farm and raises green beans, peas and potatoes there. Stephanie’s one-year-old son, Beau, has begun eating the foods his mother grows as well as Gerber foods.
Gerber’s Agriculture Team works hand-in-hand with farmers year round, from planning which seeds to plant come spring to coordinating the harvest. Being an agriculture expert comes from years of experience in the fields.
Dan Nugent, the newest member of the team, spent his summers as a teenager plucking sour cherries for his grandfather, himself a Gerber grower. He now inspects the apples and harvests them at just the right time to make naturally yummy purées.
The final products are vibrant and delicious foods for your little ones.