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Kelsey McClellan: Current, The New Way to Money

Photographer and director Kelsey McClellan was commissioned by Current, the mobile banking fintech, to create the visuals behind their latest digital campaign: The New Way to Money. Kelsey worked closely with prop stylist Pakayla Rae to create dynamic sets and scenarios, including a custom built ATM. The results are a vibrant library of assets that match Curren’t brand colors.

Production: Crucial Creative
Set and Prop Styling: Pakayla Rae
DP: Rory Brennan, 1st AC: Jerome Stolly
Digital: Alexey Gulenko
Gaffer: alan steinheimer
Wardrobe Styling: Lionel Dulce
HMU: Diane C. Beauty, Manicurist: Lavinia Turner
Custom ATM Build: Jason M.
Retouching: Zach Vitale
Models: Madison Mendez, Kayla Dickson, Delano Bannister, & Jake Ashton