• Kelsey Mcclellan: New Color in the Times of Slow Coffee

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Kelsey Mcclellan: New Color in the Times of Slow Coffee

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Photographer Kelsey McClellan, along with friend, visual artist, and stylist Michelle Maguire collaborated to reimagine the abstract oil paintings by Kristin Texeira through photography. Read on for a review of the project by Amanda Reed.

Color is the magnetic force that bonds this trio, asserting their collective vision in this new series, New Color in the Times of Slow Coffee.

… amid the onset of coronavirus, Kelsey, Kristin, and Michelle found themselves working together in a sort-of artists’ residence. Despite the suspension of traditional “work,” they chose to work together [and] found common studio space between lines of snail mail, text messages, video chats, and volleys of emails.

Under stay-at-home orders from 3 different states [Kelsey in California, Michelle in Ohio, and Kristin in Upstate New York] and reliant on using items already in their respective possessions, Michelle and Kelsey worked together to assemble props and materials to create sets that replicated Kristin’s paintings.

The way it all unfolded was slow, careful, precise. Loose but structured. A daydream with a deadline. This tempered pace, and separation of time and space, carried these three and their work through the year. Each artist’s respective medium blended to expose a colorfully cyclical conversation.

This work suggests a revelation… Unexpected combinations can be born and thrive when we pause to bask in creativity and connection. And that can be the prize.

The book is available for purchase HERE.