• Kelsey McClellan: Yuul Yie’s Tisha Boots

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Kelsey McClellan: Yuul Yie’s Tisha Boots

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Photographer Kelsey McClellan was commissioned by Korean designer brand Yuul Yie to photograph their Tisha boot. The boot is currently the centerpiece in the brand’s ‘Beautiful Imperfection’ campaign, which celebrates the beauty in imperfection and individuality. For the campaign, Kelsey incorporated vivid stripes and contrasting color palettes to highlight the boots’ organic folds and irregular curved silhouettes with styling help from long time collaborator Michelle Maguire and Lionel Dulce.

Yuul Yie also conducted an interview with Kelsey. Enjoy snippets from their chat below.

YY: If you could imagine the Tisha boot as a person, how would you describe its personality?
Kelsey: I can imagine someone who is playful and bold! They appreciate the boots nod to 80s new wave while being more contemporary and elegant.

YY: What are 3 words that came to mind when you first saw the Tisha boots?
Kelsey: Elevated, Colorful, Surreal – These were words I used to describe the boots when I first saw them and then used the same words when coming up with how to photograph them.

YY: Is there any significant message that you would like to send through the photos or through this campaign?
Kelsey: Always explore unusual or unexpected and pleasing color palettes! They are exciting and rewarding and good for your soul!