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Kris Andrew Small : NBA Legacy Mural

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Artist Kris Andrew Small was approached by the NBA to create a mural what would be installed at the UMIT courts in Melbourne, Australia. One of the largest installations he’s painted to date, the final artwork is a mix of type and graphics, all presented in a rather large yet classic pop art style.

A few words form Kris about the project:

“I was asked by the NBA to design a mural to represent their connection with Australia & their players. The piece features the phrase ‘We are non stop’ as a tribute to NBA and also a reminder of the endless drive it takes to become an NBA player, or to be successful in any form. A mantra I often use for myself. It also features the current roster of Australian NBA players. The mural sits right in the middle of Melbourne City at the MIT urban Courts.”

To see more of Kris’s work, please check out his portfolio on the L/L site.