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Current, The New Way to Money
Photographer and director Kelsey McClellan was commissioned by Current, the mobile banking fintech, to create the visuals behind their latest digital campaign: The New Way to Money. Kelsey worked closely with prop stylist Pakayla Rae to create dynamic sets and scenarios, including a custom built ATM. The results are a vibrant library of assets that match Curren't brand colors.
ADC Creativity 101 Poster
Illustrator Armando Veve was commissioned by The Art Director's Club to create a poster for this year's ADC Annual Awards, celebrating 101 years of excellence in design and craft. This iconic design and advertising awards show honors the best creative talent and groundbreaking work across many different creative disciplines, from graphic design to illustration, from publishing to packaging, from advertising to photography and all points in between.
Seasons Exhibition
Designer, typographer, and international muralist Gemma O’Brien has a new show titled Seasons. The solo exhibition showcases a collection of works that explore the world through sensation.
Falling For You
Illustrator Pomme Chan created a new animated NFT design, Falling for You, meant to express the moment you feel butterflies in your stomach when you meet someone special. That euphoric sensation of bubbling romance that gives us hope.
Vlisco Fabrics
Motion design studio Pleid was commissioned once again by Vlisco fabrics to create 6 new clips showcasing their latest unique fabric designs. Vlisco has been designing and manufacturing distinctive fabrics since 1846 and they continue to use their time-honored methods and materials today. Each of Pleid's scenes focus on one of Vlisco's new fabrics, bringing it alive through movement, color, and sound.
Alon Eder Music
Animator and Illustrator Yuval Haker was commissioned by Israeli band Alon Eder to illustrate their new album cover. Unlike their previous releases, this album, titled 'Yes Yes Yes Yes!', is a collection of honest lyrics, illustrating the changes the band has undergone while trying to start their own families in a turbulent Tel Aviv.
Illustration duo Brosmind have been busy designing a new universe, the Shamaverse! Shamanzs is an original collection of programmatically and randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. For that to work Brosmind illustrated hundreds of traits, all hand drawn, to create a vast array of high quality and unique characters.
Sculptor’s Tongue
Photographer James Day was commissioned by Sculptor's Tongue, a brand new small batch gin based in London, to create all the images for their recent launch. The handcrafted gin was created with a carefully selected combination of six botanicals that make for a powerful yet smooth gin.
Illustrator Ricard Jorge's latest personal series on birds. Featuring the Hill Blue Flycatcher, Kiskadee, Blue Jay, and a Hooded Oriole. Can you guess which is which?
Geometric Patternation
Paper craft illustration specailist Owen Gildersleeve created a fun animation color loop, using one of his original handcrafted papercut designs.
Gentle Woman Sweet & Sour Collection
Illustrator Pomme Chan was approached by fashion brand Gentle Woman to partner with them on a new capsule collection: Sweet & Sour. For the collection, Pomme and her team, Happy People Studio, developed a series of whimsical patterns that could be mixed and matched for city life as well as resort relaxation.
Frontier Communications
Photographer James Day was commissioned by Frontier Communications to create their latest library of content. The stills and GIFs were intentionally styled in red and white echo the brand colors and they illustrate how the internet service provider can power as many devices as you need at home, at any time.
2022 Year of the Tiger
Illustrator Steve Wilson is helping us ring in this year's Chinese New Year! 2022 is the year of the Tiger, specifically the Water Tiger. That means that people born this year may posess qualities such as bravery, competitivness, confidence, and unpredictability.
The Hunger Games, SteelBook Collection
In honor of the 10th year anniversary of The Hunger Games, illustrator Gemma O'Brien created a celebratory illustration for the first of the new upcoming SteelBooks collection.
Bearing Witness
The creative duo that is Sawdust, Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton, were commissioned by Wired UK to create the headline and drop cap for a special feature article with Sir David Attenborough, Bearing Witness.
Photographer and Director James Day was commissioned by data software company Tableau, via Wunderman Thompson, for their latest global campaign. The commercial uses stop motion animation on all of the actors, showing them before and after incorporating Tableau into their company needs.
New Artist: Ricard Jorge
We are thrilled to announce that Ricard Jorge has joined the Levine/ Leavitt roster!
Wrap Exhibition
Illustrator Pomme Chan started off 2022 with a brand new exhibition: Wrap. The show brings together her handmade paintings, wooden home decor, and carpets into very personal and meaningful installations.
Good Sam
Photographer Sophy Holland was commissioned by CBS to shoot the cast of GOOD SAM. The new drama stars Sophia Bush and Jason Isaacs in a drama about Dr. Sam Griffith, a gifted heart surgeon who excels in her new leadership role as chief of surgery after her renowned boss falls into a coma.
2022 Calendar
The 2022 calendar by illustrator Daniel Ramirez Perez is here! Daniel's annual calendars have been a way for him to develop his visual universe while working on 12 self initiated designs, and this year's calendar does not disappoint. The new annual release is full of bright colors and new icons, specially designed to keep us feeling fresh and inspired throughout the year!