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Variety Magazine, Directors on Directors
Photographer Sophy Holland was commissioned by Variety Magazine to shoot the cover for their latest directors on directors issue featuring Guillermo del Toro and Jane Campion. In this year's interview the filmakers discuss "Nightmare Alley," "The Power of the Dog" and learning to love Netflix.
For the past eight years, Levine/Leavitt has proudly sponsored the Young Guns Awards and created a successful Artist-In-Residence program for selected winners. The program will offer this year’s winner one year of guidance to help take the young artist’s portfolio and career to the next level, plus a board of advisors that includes award winning creatives from ad agencies and record labels. That said, we are thrilled to announce this year’s Levine/Leavitt Artist-In-Residence award winner: Danaé Gosset!
Travel + Leisure
Photographer Joaquin Trujillo was commissioned by Travel + Leisure magazine to shoot one of their Mexican destinations of the year: Chiapas, Mexico. For the story, Joaquin retraced the writer's steps for a week, visiting hotels, restaurants, ruins, waterfalls, and local vendors.
Scalapay Campaign
Photographer Peter Funch was commissioned by Buzzman Agency to shoot the new Scalapay campaign. Scalapay is a buy now, pay later (BNPL) technology provider that has made significant headway with retailers and consumers in Europe.
Sephora’s We Belong to Something Beautiful
Illustrator Daniel Ramirez Perez was commissioned by Sephora to create customized and interactive lettering for their brand motto: We Belong to Something Beautiful.
Levine/Leavitt x LOQI Artist Collection
We're very excited to share that we've partnered with artist collaborators and product creators LOQI for a collection that is guaranteed to make you smile, stand out, or all of the above!
Photographer Joaquin Trujillo was commissioned by local Mexican product brand Opuntia to capture imagery that reflects the product line's all natural ingredients, texture, and brand story.
Girl From the North Country
Photographer Josh Goleman was commissioned by AKA Agency to shoot the cast of the new Broadway show 'Girl from the North Country'. Josh later composited his portraits into one main image to be used for the show's main print and digital advertising efforts.
Día de los Muertos
Mexican Photographer Joaquin Trujillo's newest personal project was created in honor of today's Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Day. The annual event is a centuries-old tradition that has roots in Indigenous culture and Catholicism and, while celebrated throughout the Americas, it is primarily a Mexican tradition meant to remember family and friends that have passed on. For his series, Joaquin created portraits honoring his cultural heritage and the traditional clothing and face paint that are seen on Día de los Muertos.
Armando Veve: Vagina Obscura
Illustrator Armando Veve was commissioned by award-winning science journalist Rachel E. Gross to illustrate the cover and interior of her latest book, Vagina Obscura.
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