• Levine/Leavitt x LOQI Artist Collection

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Levine/Leavitt x LOQI Artist Collection

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We’re very excited to share that we’ve partnered with artist collaborators and product creators LOQI for a collection that is guaranteed to make you smile, stand out, or all of the above!

We’ve brought together 10 of our illustrators, spanning a wide range, from pattern design and character illustration, to typography and paper craft. Each artist brings a different flavor, a fresh approach, and an individual sense of style to the collection. 

Shop your favorites here!

Owen Gildersleeve’s Hello laptop case with Pomme Chan’s Thai Floral weekender bag.

LOQI’s mission is to bring art to the masses via eco-friendly reusable bags. From art history classics to local artist specials, LOQI’s product showcases it all and is widely distributed in the finest museums, like the TATE, the Guggenheim, and the Louvre, to small shops.

We’re thrilled to be able to share our Loqi collection this season and would especially like to thank all the participating artists: Armando Veve, Brosmind, Craig & Karl, Daniel Ramirez Perez, Gemma O’Brien, Owen Gildersleeve, Pomme Chan, Sawdust, Steven Wilson, and Yuval Haker.

Steven Wilson’s Love and Hope bag with Craig & Karl’s Don’t Look Now laptop case.
Brosmind’s Slasher the Slice & Eat your Greens zip pouch set with Daniel Ramirez Perez’s Lucky Lemons bag.

Gemma O’Brien’s One of a Kind bag with Sawdust’s Paint Strokes bum bag.

Armando Veve’s Flying Purr-ple Cat  bag with Yuval Haker’s Lippy Lips bag.

A very special thank you also goes out to photographer Kelsey McClellan and stylist Audrey Taylor who brought it all together in this fun series of imaginative gifs.