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Levine/Leavitt: The Academy Awards

Levine/Leavitt is proud to announce that three of our illustrators have lent their individual stylistic approaches to the 87th Academy Awards “Imagine Whats Possible” design campaign. The Academy asked Brooklyn-based Mogollon, Bangkok resident Pomme Chan, Spain-bred Alex Trochut, and Brightonian Steve Wilson to use the iconic Oscar sculpture in a unique graphic. Below are their interpretations, works of art all their own.

“For this assignment we were thinking about the Oscar statue as the ‘Movie Star.’ We wanted it to literally be in the spot light and the focus of all eyes. Stylistically, we were influenced by some of the design elements of the Deco era that characterize the period in which the Oscars [were] created as well as the Golden Age of Hollywood films. Since the Oscar is the star of this composition, we made sure not to overpower it’s presence by keeping our lines and colors simple and elegant.” -Mogollon



“When I think of the Oscars, the first thing that comes up to my mind is the classic red carpet moment. I chose to interpret the red carpet here as filled with roses.” -Pomme Chan

“The design is heavily influenced by the era in which the Oscars originated, the art deco glamour at the beginning of the golden age of film. I liked the idea that I could look back to the past but draw it with such a modern, technical and digital aesthetic. I think this represents modern film making and modern day creativity of any kind. While the possibilities of today are now endless with what modern technology has to offer, so much is owed to the past and what has gone before.” -Steve Wilson


“Letter forms are a way of expressing non verbal communication [and] when done thoughtfully, a visual communication similar to picking the right dress for the Oscar red carpet. For this particular project, I selected influences from Art Deco and Avant Garde found on the red carpet.” -Alex Trochut

For the full gallery featuring all of the artists, check out the Oscars Art Gallery. The 87th Academy Awards premieres live on February 22nd at 7pm EST.