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Levine/Leavitt x Young Guns 13

Last year, Levine/Leavitt and The Art Director’s Club partnered to bring a new kind of opportunity to winners of the Young Guns competition: The Artists-In-Residence award. Two immensely talented individuals, photographer Katie Orlinsky and illustrator Kelsey Dake, joined the legendary image makers, illustrators, and typographers of Levine/Leavitt for a great year of representation. And what a year it was. We’re delighted to bring the award back for Young Guns 13 and look forward to discovering what the creative minds of this year’s winners hold.

“Receiving the Artist-In-Residence award was like when you order a thing of fast food french fries, and then open the bag and find out they gave you two helpings by mistake. It has turned out to be just as amazing as winning Young Guns.

ADC Young Guns comes with a lot of great opportunities, but LEVINE/LEAVITT has been able to really help make the most out of winning. They’ve taken me places I had only ever dreamed of going, both in the sense of meeting people and clients that were unaccessible before, but also helping me transform my career from being just editorial to getting to work with clients in advertising, book publishing, music and more.

I’m super glad I got that extra helping of goodness.”

Kelsey Dake


This Friday is the last chance to enter ADC Young Guns 13, the global competition for creatives of all stripes 30 years of age and under. Enter here and stay up to date with L/L & Artists-In-Residence news on Facebook and Instagram.

Source: Art Director’s Club