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Mercedes Marco Polo

Markus Wendler, Photographers, Photography

To be a phenomenal photographer means to work exceptionally well with with what you have. Air drop Markus Wendler in any extreme environment with every element working against him, and he will manage to produce the perfect shot. Like a photographic seamstress, he can sew together a magnificent blue sky on an overcast day and weave a mountain scene with a biker and his car, without actually having the car in front of him. His images are conglomerates rich with un-retouched elements and impeccable CGI. That’s just how he works, and he does it with enough grace and precision that one would never think twice about it.

For Marco Polo, the new camper by Mercedes, Markus embarked on a trip to New Zealand to photograph the landscapes that would house the European camper, months before the car was even built. Amidst the snow and clouds, he emerged victorious, with the hero shots below.

Marco Polo by Mercedes will be available beginning July 2015.