• Nick Meek: Between Strikes

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Nick Meek: Between Strikes

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Nick Meek knows landscapes. His photos capture whispers of tension in calming compositions, and he always manages to make the best of any unforeseen situation. In this case, a surprise electrical storm.

“A couple of days ago I took a vertical mile hike up to La Jonction, a huge granite ridge that leads to an area where two of Mont Blanc’s glaciers divide. My idea was to work on an ongoing project photographing these rivers of ice under the light of a full moon.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast was a little out and I was caught in the middle of an electrical storm.

In the resulting series ‘Between Strikes’ I’m trying to convey that brooding summer heat and the atmosphere thick with static that one feels when thunder storms are overhead. Electromagnetic pulses lighting up these heavy skies.”

Nick Meek