• Nick Meek: EDF Olympic Campaign

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Nick Meek: EDF Olympic Campaign

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To coincide with the start of the Olympics in London AMV BBDO asked photographer Nick Meekto shoot this campaign for EDF, the company that is powering the games.

At the time of the shoot, the stadium wasn’t finished.  Nick needed to shoot for super-sites that require massively high quality images.  They created what they believe is the most detailed night time shot of the stadium ever captured.  To do this the team hired a helicopter and recorded their co-ordinates exactly using gps.  Nick then shot the stadium in daylight to capture every detail in super hi def using the new Phase one IQ180 and gyroscope to steady the camera. He then flew back to the exact co-ordinates and did the same shot at night time but using a faster more grainy capture.  Nick fused the two images together to create the highest quality image of the stadium at night in existence.  The finishing touches were created in CGI by the ever so talented folks at www.additivestudios.co.uk.