• Nick Meek: El Trovatore

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Nick Meek: El Trovatore

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Photographer and Director Nick Meek just released his latest personal film – El Trovatore.

A hundred miles away from Las Vegas is the dusty railroad town of Kingman. Lewis Kingman built the line from Flagstaff in 1800, making the railway line almost a century older than the state itself. Since then freight trains have been passing through town roughly every seven minutes – a town that is inextricably linked with the railroad and its soundtrack of rumbling iron and chiming crossing bells. During his travels documenting the American Southwest, Nick Meek passed through the town several times. Together with writer Vicky Churchill and cinematographer Paul Blundell, he made a dedicated trip back to Kingman, exploring life surrounded by the rhythms of the railroad line, and the people who have chosen this place of transit and passage to call their home.

These words and images from just prior to the coronavirus have gained an unexpected thematic resonance and relevancy in the context of the pandemic.