• Nick meek: Gotica Portraits

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Nick meek: Gotica Portraits

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Photographer Nick Meek’s latest personal project is a series of gritty portraits made in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Here’s what Nick had to say about the collection:

I spent two days with my camera, some simple lighting and an assistant patiently waiting for interesting people to pass by and asking if they would mind me making a portrait of them.

The gothic quarter is interesting to me as it attracts a certain type of free thinking person that somehow wears their personality on the outside. Not afraid to be different and outward going, nearly everyone that I asked was interested in the project… proud and happy for me to photograph them and their look.

Taking inspiration from the greats like Avedon and Watson I choose to photograph these people always on a white back- ground.

The intensity of the sun and the heat on their skin seems to add a visceral quality to the images and these exquisitely details prints should be shown at life size so our viewer is confronted face to face and drawn into their world.