• Nick Meek: Repeater

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Nick Meek: Repeater

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Photographer & Director Nick Meek’s latest self initiated project is a short film titled Repeater. The film was directed and produced by Nick Meek on location in California at The Four Aces.

Starring Caroline Heerwagen – Stylist: Kate O’Connell – Music “That Certain Female” written by Charlie Feathers & Performed by Boneacre – Storyboard Artist: Gabriel Schucan – Sound Recordist: Joe Irving – Sound Design: George Lloyd-Burman – Post-Production: JAM Films – Editor: Zoe Alexandrou – Visual Effects Artist: Pete Young – Colourist: Nedeem Al-Astrabadi – Special Production: Ink and Oranges Inc. – Special Thanks to Sebastian Lloyd, Siobhan Squire, & Martha Tullberg – Screenplay: Joe Irving – Director of Photography Jorge Dieguez

Enjoy a look behind the scenes: