• Nick Meek: The Thing Above

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Nick Meek: The Thing Above

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Photographer/ Director Nick Meek’s newest short film, The Thing Above, is out now! The film was directed and produced by Nick Meek on location in California at the Trona Pinnacles. Enjoy!

Credits:  Director NICK MEEK – Starring RICHARD DURKIN – Director Of Photography JORGE LUIS DIEGUES – Screenplay JOE IRVING – Music & Sound Design GEORGE LLOYD-BURMAN – Post Production JAM FX – Editor ZOE ALEXANDROU – Stylist KAREN SMITH – Special Production WILL TAYLOR, INK AND ORANGES – Lead Visual Effects Artist MATT CLARKE – Visual Effects Artist PETE YOUNG – Visual Effects Artist MATT WILLMSHURST – Colorist NEDEE AL-ASTRABI – Visual Effects Producer LAYLA TESTI – Concept Art RUBY LLOYD-BURMAN – Storyboard Artist GABRIEL SCHUCAN – Special Thanks SEBASTIAN LLOYD, SIOBHAN SQUIRE & MARTHA TULLBERG – Poster Art MARTIN KINGDOM – and special thanks to Excelente Production MMXVIII