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Owen Gildersleeve: GOOD

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Paper cutter Owen Gildersleeve hand-cut the 10th anniversary cover of GOOD Magazine.

GOOD partnered with Bay Area agency o Banquinho, a.k.a The Tiny Bank, which was started by former Wired creative directors Claudia de Almeida and Margaret Swart. For this particular image, the agency commissioned London-based artist Owen Gildersleeve, who specializes in paper sculpture. From GOOD Editor-In-Chief Nancy Miller:

We went with this layered paper concept – there are 10 colors/layers representing Good’s 10 years. In place of cover lines, each layer has a topic we focus on in the issue (listed on the lower left). The giant X is our nod at the 10 year, obviously, but the treatment helps make it stand out.

Gildersleeve hand-cut and crafted the cover out of paper and foam with a surgical scalpel – no photoshopping here, it’s all actual paper, including the hand cut GOOD logo. The layering was created by using pieces of 5mm foamboard between the paper sheets, to give it all a nice depth. He then shot the piece using natural daylight to cast a nice soft shadow.

Owen also hand cut the 2006-2016 numbers, and even hand cut a white piece of paper for our UPC code so it looked better as a fun 3-D effect. The only digitally rendered items here are the Looking Back/Moving Forward and text on the left/bottom right.

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