• Owen Gildersleeve : London Showers

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Owen Gildersleeve : London Showers

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“I’m leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it’s not raining.” Groucho Marx

Paper cutting artist Owen Gildersleeve was approached by Show Media to create a window display as part of their rebranding of The Royal Exchange, a luxury shopping center in the heart of London. Using the Groucho Marx quote above as a starting point, Owen and his team set about creating a large-scale paper installation. This featured a range of oversized handmade props, inspired by the types of products The Royal Exchange offers.  At the top of the installation they then hung a handmade umbrella which shielded the products below from the colourful paper raindrops.

As well as the window we were asked to decorate a series of boxes for a display unit that was installed in The Royal Exchange’s marketing suite. This included a number of cityscapes and more paper raindrops, in front of which a selection of brands were invited to display their products.