• Owen Gildersleeve : Mothercare

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Owen Gildersleeve : Mothercare

Illustrators/Designers, Owen Gildersleeve

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Owen Gildersleeve was approached by Mothercare to design a large-scale installation for their Autumn/Winter dream-themed press show taking over the two-story Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery in Central London. Using a soft white palette, Owen and his team created a series of paper elements to create an immersive, dreamlike world, within which the various collections could be showcased.

Large white paper banners were hand-cut with dream-inspired illustrations alongside elements and characters from each collection. Taking on their sculptural form upon installation, these pieces twisted and curved through the space in an elegant, dreamlike flow resulting in an immersive experience, whilst the cut-out shapes played with light, casting delicate but striking shadows around the room. As well as the banners, they created a series of 3D pieces to further bring to life the unique characters and themes within each collection – from flickering gold stars suspended from the ceiling, to brightly colored rainbows and hot air balloons inspired by the various collections.