• Typologies of Labor

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Typologies of Labor

Peter Funch, Photographers, Photography

Over the summer, Topic Magazine sent photographer Peter Funch out onto the streets of Manhattan to capture the various species living in the concrete jungle— specifically, the workers who call New York City home.
“Funch has been documenting the similarities between urbanites in Europe and the United States since 2006—traveling from the bike lanes of Amsterdam to the clogged streets of Midtown Manhattan—so this was hardly his first time pounding the pavement. In his survey of city workers, he walked uptown from the financial district, stopped off in Midtown, stretched up to the Upper West and Upper East Sides, then came back down to SoHo, all on foot. (Over five days of shooting, he logged over 60 miles.)” –
Here are some grids from the patterns he came across, from hospital workers, thought to be the more ethnic and gender diverse group, and traffic police whom Funch described as “[they] look so choreographed. It’s almost like they’re dancing in the street.”