• Peter Funch’s “Babel Tales” at the V1 Gallery, Copenhagen

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Peter Funch’s “Babel Tales” at the V1 Gallery, Copenhagen

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Peter Funch’s Babel Tales project culminates this month in a solo exhibition with all 41 pieces from the completed series, as well as work from his project, Addendum, at the V1 Gallery in Copenhagen.

The entire collection of Babel Tales (many of which have never been displayed in the 4 years since Peter began the project), has been published in a limited edition book in conjunction with the opening, and a small sum of the 500 published will be available at Dashwood Books in Soho, NY.

We spoke with Peter, and asked him to tell us more about Adendum, a project in conjunction with Babel Tales involving abstract photographs displayed as light boxes:

“Addendum is a word to describe an addition or supplement to a main work.  For these pieces I wanted to show what is behind the image, so I created these studies wherein all the contact sheets from my shooting are laid on top of one another.  There are over 10,000 frames in each of these pieces, and when you look closely you can racognize a corner of a frame or a face, but from afar they simply represent the chaos or randomness you find in the streets.”

Wrapping up the exhibition is an installation, wherein Peter collected objects he found on the streets over the years of shooting Babel Tales, ground them into dust, and placed them in bags displayed on a table alongside the photographic work.

“The piece consisting of 72 bags is a similar concept as Babel Tales being about how we categorize our behavior or our interests. The objects I found all represented a personal story–from a lottery ticket symbolizing lost dreams to a broken plastic nail–they are a physical representation of life’s stories.  I would find the object and grind it down until it simply became a color or a texture, like a raw material.  I then categorized and named them in bags. The piece is named after all 72 objects, from bottles to brooms to dolls.”

You can see more of Peter’s work at llreps.com